Thursday, October 18, 2012


We made it to Seattle on September 19th.  I wanted to wait until we did something touristy to update the blog.  The weekend before the movers came we did a tourist city day.  We went to Pike Place Market, a French Restaurant, and the New Ferris Wheel.  Later, we went to the Space Needle for dinner.  I definitely think that the restaurant is the way to do the Space Needle.  Andy made the earliest reservation time (5 pm).  Before your reservation you can go to the observation deck and walk around and because of our reservation time, we got to see the city during daylight and at night.  We also walked around after dinner too. Plus, they take your picture at the table.  It was a great evening and I highly recommend it.  Anne really liked how the floor rotates too, so you could see all around.

During the week, Anne and I also went to a farm about an hour away.  It was pretty neat and shaped like the state of Washington, so it was an interesting way to see the state.  They used roads as paths and there were landmarks and signs talking about all the cities. Pretty cool way to do a corn maze.  There was a play area, corn pit, and a hay maze too. We also picked a pumpkin.  Anne insisted on a small one, and they were all too big for her tastes. But, I picked one that was the smallest I could find.

Oh, we've already sold the camper too.... I guess the road trip is officially over.

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