Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mall of America, more old home stuff

After what felt like forever driving, we made it to the Mall of America.  We had a list of items that we needed after a couple cold days.  Plus, we were excited to take Anne on a couple rides.  The mall wasn't really what Andy and I expected.  It was more like a mall and a small indoor theme park.  We thought you would be able to see the rides from stores, but there were walls around the theme park area.  Andy took Anne on three rides.  She choose the carousel, hot air balloon ride, and some Swiper car ride.  She had a blast on them all.  We ate lunch at American Girl.  They allow you to use one of their dolls if you don't bring your own, so she had fun picking one out and playing with it during lunch.  Andy and Anne also made some women engineer Lego people at the Lego store.  We did find most of what we needed too.

While we were at the mall, we got an email saying what we needed to do for the Power of Attorney paperwork for our home sale.  We tried stopping at a UPS store before we picked Lady up at the doggy day care, but they didn't have the notary, or a manager that would be able to print for at least an hour.  They did "think" that some bank might have a notary, but they wouldn't print for us. We were nervous about leaving the city without getting the paperwork done, but I tracked down a UPS store with a notary on our way out of Minnesota (thank God for smart phones!).  They were terrific at the UPS Store; the owners were both there working the desk, and they convinced another customer to be an additional witness for our paperwork.  It took us an hour, but it was nice having everything done.

We drove until late at night and camped at Blue Mounds State Park near the border between Minnesota and South Dakota.

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