Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ready, Set, Go?

Andy's parents left at 9:30am to get to the raceway for Grandpy's 1pm time slot. We never seem to get out the door on time when we leave as a group, plus we were leaving from New Hampshire so we would be triple checking everything, so we knew we were leaving later.  We finally get the cars packed and in them at 10:15ish. All ready to go, and Andy decides to check his lights.  Sure enough, break lights aren't working. After troubleshooting, and fixing the problem, we get on the road again. Maybe 10minutes on the road and Andy says he wants to check his tires and wheel bearings (since they were recently packed).  Okay, back on the road.  30 minutes on the road and Andy radios that he needs to get off to check again, this time he ends up having to tighten the spindle nut on the trailer's right wheel.  So, at 12:30, 30 minutes until his scheduled time slot we get on the road for the 2 hr drive.  Somehow, between Grandpy's stalling and luck we made it just in time!  He was originally going in the first car but the buckle wouldn't work, so they mived him to #21.  We were all impressed with his driving too--135mph!  He passed two cars in front of us and a couple cars on the turns!  They popped the hood of his car (only his) when he got back...they must have been concerned that the speed regulator needed adjusting because he had it maxed out for long! 

Grandpy driving one handed!

After our already long day, we decided to change plans and drive to Niagara Falls and find some place along the way instead of going back north to explore Montreal.  Maybe we can do that some other time with Andy's family.

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