Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beach Bliss

We all love the beach.  Anne isn't afraid of anything; she loves to jump over the waves or jump to keep her face over waves if she is deeper.  She also loves to destroy sand castles that we make and to make us bury her in the sand.  She likes making pretend ice cream and pancakes out of the sand, but prefers to spend most of her time in the water.  After she gets knocked down a couple times in the water she will just walk to our umbrella.  She can fill up her own buckets of water, but will ask for help if she either wants a lot, or thinks the person will get it for her (I've learned that if she fills them herself they tend not to get accidentally spilled as often).  When she is done at the beach, she will tell us she is tired and will ask to go back in the stroller.  This is the only place she will admit she is tired and ask to take a nap.  Sure enough, when we get back to the house, it is a struggle to get her down.

Tonight we went to Dolphin View, a restaurant on the Intercoastal Waterway where on Friday and Saturday nights you can get a boat ride and all you can eat seafood for $20.  The food is great and we don't think timing will work for a boat ride, so we went on Thursday to try and see our own dolphins with Grandma. Afterwards, we went for a walk on the beach and then out for frozen yogurt.

 ** Originally, I had uploaded this entry on the phone and it took forever to upload all the pictures.  Here are some more that I wanted to add.**

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