Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Circus Day at Cirque Du Soleil

We try to do one "Orlando" type activity when we are in FL.  My parents have a house near the beach, and one a little closer to Orlando.  So, we stayed the night at "Pop's House" near Orlando.  We went to Sea World on our last trip to Florida, and Disney World before that.  This year, we decided that we'd stay away from Disney a bit longer (to avoid the princesses). This year, we thought about checking out Gatorland, but there were many negative reviews and we decided to go to Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney.  During the day, we decided to just play in the pool and I had a gift card for the Aveda Institute and wanted to use it.  Although Andy and I had a blast playing in the pool, Anne only played in the pool a little and was more interested in the toys on the back porch.  After we (Andy and I) played, we hit the road. Originally, we were going to have lunch at Downtown Disney and spend time there while buying the tickets, but we were in a rush because we left later than we wanted.  Anne and I didn't even get out of the car.  Then, I went to the spa, and Andy and Anne went home so Anne could nap in the pack n play.
If you are ever near an Aveda (Training) Institute, you definitely have to try it out.  It is amazing.  I got the longest pedicure, got to keep all my supplies (including nail polish color, pumice stone, files, toe separators, etc), and it only cost $20!  Unbelievable.  Oh, did I mention the polish is vegan, and free of DBP, Formaldehyde, and toluene, so Anne can use the color when she is older. 
Andy woke Anne up from her nap at 4 when Grandma got home from work and picked me up on the way.  Unfortunately they got stuck in all the rush hour traffic and we were 20 minutes late for the 6:00pm show. :(  Anne loved the show, we all did! When we first got in, there were tightrope walkers, one on the other's head, and she said "that's dangerous"… yes, it is, but it is also AMAZING.  The show is like nothing else and is very hard to describe.  Andy didn't realize how athletic the performers in the show would be.  I had been before with my Dad, but didn't realize that everything was so dangerous and probably not the best to be showing my sponge of a daughter.  Andy's favorite part was the bicycle riders, they did amazing things, including jumping up 6ft of stairs with no start up. My favorite part was the trampoline act, they have trampolines in a T on the floor and do gymnastics across them and also jump up the side of a building-like structure.  Anne says her favorite part was the "spider."  The spider was a little gimmick one of the clowns did where he pretended his nose got stuck in a spider web and his hand was the spider.  She was also very interested in the little girls, but watched everything and applauded a lot.

 (I forgot my big camera for the show, so these are pictures from the car with the iPad.)

We still didn't get to eat in Downtown Disney, again we were going to get there early and it was so late after.  We decided to get a quick bite at Steak n Shake after. 

Total drive for the day: 200 miles.

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