Monday, August 13, 2012

Where's My Crib?

Today the movers packed all the boxes from the night before.  Anne and I tried to stay out of the house as much as possible to not be in the way.  We went to our last MOMS Club meeting and a shot appointment for Anne. We only really came back to bring breakfast, lunch, and an additional beverage break. 
Last night Andy and I realized the drivers probably eat horribly and made an effort to get better food.  We got bagels and sandwiches from Panera.  The packers were super quick today and finished before I could even bring them the additional beverages, it didn't help that Anne's shot appointment was 2 hours long.  They left around 3 pm.  Anne has been asking where all of her things are and we keep saying "the movers took them to the new house".  It is funny to see how her mind works, she doesn't notice everything at once.  She noticed her crib first and books, but didn't notice her mirrors and hair bows until the next morning. 

Anne really likes her temporary crib (tent).  She is excited to go in it at night and will try to stay in it as long as possible in the morning.  I'm glad, because she will get a lot of nights in it.

Some things we forgot and that got packed were additional iPhone chargers and our coffee pot lid.  We can make due on the chargers, but the missing lid is essential, especially since we planned on bringing that to have coffee on the trip.  I looked online and couldn't find any.  Luckily, I called the company, Capresso, and asked.  The coffee maker has been discontinued, but they said "they should have a spare lid in the warehouse and will send one to me…. free".  I love Capresso.

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