Monday, August 27, 2012

Drive to Maine

We left the house at 8:15am and went to get the cars weighed (a requirement for the military move).  That took about 30 minutes!  Mostly because with our little cars the operator can't see us in the camera so we have to get out of the car and tell them we want to get weighed.
Notice how you can't see Andy's car around the trailer.

This time we drove through Pennsylvania to avoid New York City. It was beautiful, very scenic and it cost way less in tolls.  Normally we pay around $50 per car but it was only around $10 going this way. We didn't hit much traffic but if you did it would be terrible because all the roads are 2 lanes.  The only disappointment was that we couldn't stop at the local brewery where we like to have dinner in Connecticut. It is called SBC brewery and they have a magician on Sundays (when we typically travel), great beer and food, and good kid options.  Oh well.  The trip through PA was still worth it to me, and I would recommend it if you don't need to see the NYC skyline.

The radios are very nice to have.  If one of us needs to stop for gas or pit stops we can let the other person know. Also, if something quick is about to happen we can alert the other person (cars in blind spots, potholes, etc). 

After we stopped for gas & diesel in Massachusetts we got back on the road and the trailer's left tire blew out. Andy was quick to pull over before the tire was about to come off.  It was scary how quick it all happened and how there was no warning.  So, at 9pm on the side of I-495, Andy changed the tire.  We were lucky it was the trailer tire and not any of the others because the stabilizer jacks on the trailer made it quick to change--Andy changed it in record time… 10 minutes and we were back on the road.

Our location during the tire change.

We got in at around 11pm.

Tracey's average mph: 45.6 (normally around 42)
Andy's average: 34 (normally 48)
Trip miles: **
Total miles: **

**will update

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