Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today we visited Storyland, in North Conway, New Hampshire.  It was awesome and I was really impressed.  We went with Andy's parents, his sister, and our niece.  We stopped for lunch before, which worked out nice because there weren't good options for kids in the park (but they allowed you to bring in your own food).  Anne loved everything.  There is pretty much every nursery rhyme to play in.  And most animal stories are shown with the animals.  The minimum height for a lot of the rides is 36 inches, and Anne is 36 1/4 inches… when she looks up.  They measured her on the flying fish ride and she had to look up to be the proper height.  Anne was so excited to go from ride to ride.  We've done Disney and Six Flags and there were way more rides for her age group than both those combined.  I was a little worried the rides would would worn down or more carnival like, but they weren't.  Like I said, very impressed.  It is a great park for the 2.5-5yr group.

Also, if you are thinking about traveling this way there is a cool looking adventure hotel that looks neat (

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