Sunday, August 12, 2012

Packing with Movers

Today the movers came to box and package all our stuff. We spent all day yesterday preparing by throwing out stuff we don't need anymore, sorting things, and pulling out everything we need for the next month. (Notice the heaping trash on the curb in the picture below.) We were exhausted at the end of the day and just when I was ready to call it a night and grabbed a beer, Andy told me to go through my old trophies that were moldy from being in the shed for the last 5 years (still packed from the previous move). If you know me at all, I loved my High School time and my trophies of accomplishments from college and HS. But, knowing we are paying a chunk for the movers, I want to get as light as possible. I saved only two trophies, some pictures, and my varsity letter (with 10 pins ;) ). But, then I spilled my beer on them and was left with half the number of pictures. Andy told me this evening that he looked at them all in the trash and was proud of me... I guess that was why I kept them all? Seems silly now.

On top of everything else, Andy replaced the brake pads on one of our cars.

Right before bed, my dad called and had an update for our packing list and we added pancake mix, a pan, batteries for a flash light, and a rug for outside the camper.

You can't tell from the picture, but the moving truck takes up our entire cul-de-sac (FYI it didn't crash into the yard on the right, the movers parked it that way to allow everyone access to their driveways). It is a huge truck. Ben and Chris, the guys that are packing and moving our things, are great and fast. Just two guys and they got everything packed today! Plus they were super nice and considerate. Anne is a long napper and they offered to wait and do her room the next day even when I offered to wake her. They really have alleviated one of our big stressors (have I mentioned that we have an unfinished short sale and don't have a home in Seattle?). One thing I forgot was to have plenty of drinks for them. We had donuts in the morning and got them Five Guys for lunch but all I had to drink was off-brand soda. My bad. The neighbors are definitely a saving grace too. When all of Anne's toys were packed she played outside. I kept some sidewalk chalk, but they got more energy out of her. Tomorrow everything will go in the truck.

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