Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Our current home and our future home.

 Andy had to install a rear view camera since he can't see out the mirrors well. You can also see where he mounted the (Honda) generator.  The generator should be all set to start and we can leave it on the mount. Genius!

 Other side of the pop up.

 This is how we plan on sleeping.  Anne will be in a tent (with inflatable mattress and sleeping bag and sheets) on the floor.  We will be on the mattress.  Since it will get cold at night we have a heavy sleeping bag and propane heater too.

 Camper without the bed down.

Andy also had to install a fan so we can use the cook top if we need to.  Oh, and he shortened the cabinet that is all the way on the right side.  That way Anne has the entire floor. Lady (our dog) was originally going to sleep on that, but we realized she will probably be sleeping on the mattress.

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