Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last time in our Maryland House

Originally we were just going to stop in for the night and then continue on our drive to Maine, the next morning.  On the drive to Maryland, we decided to just stay a full day so we wouldn't be stressed to get everything done.  It took us all day to pack our stuff and clean the house.  Andy had the idea to work on packing the cars first and cleaning the house second, but for some reason, I kept sweeping the floors.  I must have swept them 5 times. 
We had to get my car weighed empty, so we decided to go up to our favorite Greek Restaurant, Hella's in Gambrills.  The restaurant was near the New Transit truck stop where we weighed the car and we celebrated Andy's birthday with ice cream for dessert.  Anne was also very excited to see our neighbors and say goodbye to them all.

Too busy for pictures :(

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